JEREMY BARRETT was born in an earlier version of Melbourne, and raised in an earlier model of Australian society, now all but extinct. Like others of his generation, he does his best to function in the current society.

He now lives happily in a village in central Victoria, in a region where once gold was sought and stone quarried. Now sheep are fattened and winegrapes grown, and surviving miners' cottages fetch prices that would amaze their original owners. His partner, Sue, lives next door; his adult children, David and Anna, live in distant lands.

His art has taken various forms and directions over the decades, according to the influences and interests of the time. Now and for the time remaining, he intends the focus of his work to be the four elements: earth, fire, water and air, and the interactions among them. These elements are the arbiters of all life in the biosphere of this planet. If we are to continue to inhabit it as a species among others, we must relate to them in more responsible and respectful ways than we do now.

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